Date: 7/24/2011
Time Started: 7am
Workout: Long Run
Mileage: 14
Time: 2:10:19
Avg Pace: 9:18
Weather: 80, Humid and Rainy
Felt: Good
Nutrition During Run: 3c water, ½ Clif Double Espresso Gu
Previous Night Dinner: Salmon & Avocado Brown Rice Sushi
Pre-workout meal: 1 piece of rye toast w/ peanut butter and banana


Started raining the second I left my apartment at 7am.  The rain actually felt good considering that it was still 80 degrees out.  Loved my new route out to Castle Island.  Very scenic and had a great elevation mix too.  Felt great until mile 9, slowed down a bit and had my first water.  Should have had it much earlier as I was pretty dehydrated at this point.  By mile 10 I opened the Gu which made me feel a bit nauseous and actually made me much more thirsty.  Drank a lot of water over the next mile or two.  By mile 12 I was pretty defeated but was able to power on knowing how close I was to completion.  I finished and stretched feeling pretty good.  Right inner ankle is sore.  Left inner thigh is also sore.  Hydrated with coconut water, foam rolled and rested for 2 hours.  Overall it was a good workout.