Date: 8/1/2011
Time Started: 5:45am
Workout: Long Run (Step Back Week)
Mileage: 10
Time: 1:28:53
Avg Pace: 8:53
Weather: 75, Partly Sunny
Felt: Good
Nutrition During Run: Stopped at water fountains
Previous Night Dinner: Vegetable saute
Pre-workout meal: 1 Clif Shot Block


This was a step back week run.  Since I spent my weekend at a wedding I squeezed this in before work on Monday morning.  The first step I took I felt some discomfort in my left hamstring, but I ignored it and kept going.  First mile was tough.  By the second I found my stride and I felt great.  I said good morning to every runner I passed to entertain myself, haha.  Mile 5 was a little trying, but after that I managed to power through and finish strong.  Upon stopping I knew I was in trouble.  My left hip was killing me!  Foam rolling and stretching was extremely painful and I couldn’t locate the muscle in my hip that was at the center of the pain.  Walking and climbing stairs was painful all day.  Overall great run, but horrible aftermath!