Date: 8/6/2011
Time Started: 7am
Workout: Long Run
Mileage: 15
Time: 2:18:24
Avg Pace: 9:13
Weather: 75, Hot and Humid
Felt: Good
Nutrition During Run: 6c water, 1 Power Bar Vanilla Gu
Previous Night Dinner: Prosciutto and Mozzarella Panini
Pre-workout meal: 1 piece of rye toast w/ peanut butter and banana


Once again, it was an extremely hot and humid morning, but I was very happy I did the run today instead of in the rain again on Sunday!  The first mile was not fun; I couldn’t get my water belt to stop moving all over the place.  Very irritating!  And right off the bat my stomach was feeling unsettled.  By the second mile my water belt settled into a good spot and my stomach calmed down.  Mile 2 through mile 7 felt great.  I did two laps around Castle Island.  There was a good breeze and the backdrop of the city over the ocean kept my mind of running and on more pleasant thoughts.  After I hit mile 7 my legs started to hurt a bit, but nothing major.  I knew I was just about halfway and that the rest of the run was en route to home so my mindset was positive.  I downed a Gu and carried on.  Miles 7 through 11 were a little bit tough, but I still felt good overall.  Then came mile 12.  For some reason mile 12 always hits me hard.  It was a serious struggle between mind and body and I felt suddenly exhausted and dehydrated.  I stopped at a water fountain refilled my water bottles and felt a little better.  I just had to keep telling myself that I only had 3 miles left, which is nothing!  By the time I hit mile 13, I was in a much better place.  With 2 miles to go I decided I wanted to power through and make them my fastest.  Although they didn’t end up being my fastest, they were very close!  Finishing long runs like this gives me the confidence that even though I feel completely exhausted I still have it in me to keep going!  This is a confidence everyone needs when training for a marathon!  Especially when after every long run the though of ever putting yourself through that again is sickening!  Overall it was a great run.  I foam rolled and stretched well afterwords.  My hip problems from earlier in the week were non-existent thanks to my amazing trainer! And the rest of my body (beyond the exhaustion factor) felt healthy and strong.  Let’s hope things continue this way!  Bring on 16 miles next week!