This week has been tough.  I really haven’t felt on my game at all.  Its been a struggle to wake up in the morning which has turned my workouts into after work alternatives.  I did okay in a speed workout this morning, but exhaustion was hindering me even though I felt like I had so much more to give.  I’m really hoping things will turn around for my 16 miler tomorrow.  Maybe knowing that upon completion I will officially be on vacation will help get me through it!


Planned >>> Actual
Monday 8/8: Hill Repeats (2m warm up, 6 x .25m hill, 1m cool down)  >>> 4 Mile hilly run in the pouring rain
Tuesday 8/9: Strength w/ trainer and 5k easy >>> Strength w/ trainer
Wednesday 8/10: Spin Class   >>> 45 minutes on upright bike
Thursday 8/11: Speed Workout (8 x 800, 2 min rest)  >>> Speed Workout (3×1200, 2×800, 3×400)


Remaining Planned Workouts:
Friday 8/12: 16 mile long run
Saturday 8/13: Recovery walk/jog/stretch
Sunday 8/14: 6 mile tempo