This morning I was thinking a lot about the moments that have inspired me to meet my goals. Those moments have usually consisted of times when I had a taste of what that particular accomplishment felt like. Those inspirational moments drove me to initiate, work for, and accomplish my goals. Sometimes I find that once the initiation period has passed I have forgotten what it is that made me work for the goal in the first place. I need to be reminded of what I am working for and why it is so important to me.

The other night I was watching Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen”, and the remaining competitors were in a funk. They were tired, irritated with one another and second guessing their skills. They seemed to have forgotten why they were putting themselves through this nightmare in the first place. Gordon Ramsey pointed this out and decided to send them to NYC to get a real taste of what they were working for. Not only did they get to try foods from all over the city, but they also were able to see the restaurant which they had the chance to become the head chef of. Overall they were really able to experience what their new life might be like if they won. Upon their return, they had a whole new frame of mind. They regained their focus and were hungry for the prize. Their passion was back.

It happens to everyone. We set big goals for ourselves and sometimes we get so swept up in the hard work that goes into achieving them that we lose our focus. The nice thing is that we can catch ourselves. I caught myself the other day. Half way through my training program for the NYC Marathon the thought of running was beginning to make me nauseas. It was the last thing I wanted to do. I had a 17 miler scheduled for the weekend and I just never did it. On Monday I came into work (with my running clothes in tow) and planned to get some sort of run in on the way home. I was catching up on the running and fitness blogs, which I follow religiously, and I came across the video below. It’s a clip of the NYC Marathon. The runners are making their way through Brooklyn, music is blasting, and the crowd that is cheering them on is huge! It brought me back to the other marathons I have completed in the past and reminded me of what those moments felt like. Honestly, it’s the biggest high I have ever experienced; as crazy as it sounds these moments have and still bring me to tears because they’re that special to me. The feeling of being part of something so big, and sharing it with so many others who have all worked just as hard for months in preparation; its just a lot to take in. This video was what I needed to regain my focus. It reconnected me with the passion that had driven me to work towards this goal in the first place. Thank you so much to the bloggers that posted it. I hope that I can pay it forward by motivating someone else who needs to be reminded of what they’re working toward. 🙂