Let’s get this party started…AGAIN.

So I have been a very bad blogger.  My last entry was posted ages ago, right as I began to prep for the NYC marathon (which I have since completed and will talk about in a separate post).  What’s my excuse? Oh just me being me.  I have this issue where I like to overload my plate at all times.  So the marathon was not enough, I needed more.  I decided that on top of work, training, social life, etc. that I wanted to work towards earning my CPT certification.  Unfortunately this caused my blog to fall to the bottom of my priority list.  I am upset with myself for this as now I can’t look back to the diary I had envisioned of my marathon training ups and downs.  I am also upset because I have made the critical realization that one of the most innovative ways of sharing information in the fitness world is through blogs and other forms of social media.  I realized that once I earn my personal training certification that this blog will be one of my most powerful tools to pay it forward.  So here I am bringing Her Moves back to life so that I can connect with other fitness enthusiasts to learn, share information and most importantly motivate readers to find their own passion for wellness.

I hope you will all give me another shot and follow my journey. 🙂