Today I woke up at 5am, grabbed a quick cup of coffee from my Keurig and headed to the gym.  I absolutely HATE when the alarm goes off this early, however once I’m up I LOVE it.  I love having a solid 3.5 hours before work to get my work out in. Obviously I’m not working out more than 1-2 hours, but this way I’m not rushed.  I can walk to the gym, work out as long as I want and take my time getting ready for work.  If you’ve ever experienced the showers at Equinox you will understand this need for extra time getting ready post workout! The best part is that I can do what I want after work and not dread the gym all day.

Every Tuesday I meet with my personal trainer from 6-7am.  This is my favorite workout every week.  I cannot tell you what a difference it makes to have someone pushing you and correcting your form through a workout that is customized to meet your goals.

On a serious note:  2 years ago I started working out with my trainer.  Since then she has helped me to lose 30 pounds and shed an HOUR off my marathon time.  I can honestly say that it is her encouragement, positive energy and love for fitness that has inspired me to be as passionate about wellness as I am today.  She made me want to be a trainer too!  I think that’s pretty amazing.

On a less serious note:  Today she made sure that I would be in pain until I see her again 🙂 Below is my workout.


Double Length Speed Ladder
4kg ViPR
18” Plyo Box
Kinesis set to 3

10m Self Myofascial Release aka Foam Rolling

4x (circuit style;no rest between exercises!):

In-In Out-Out Jumps; 2 lengths of speed ladder
Walking Plank; 2 lengths of speed ladder
Step ups onto plyo box w/ ViPR vertical lift; 15 each side

4x (circuit style;no rest between exercises!):

Transverse Lunge w/ ViPR; 15 each side
Squat Jumps; 15
Kinesis Chest Flies; 15

5m Static Stretching
Do you love all things fitness related?  If so, what sparked your passion?