One of the main reasons I used to dread going to the gym in the morning was because I couldn’t make my own breakfast.  I LOVE making breakfast in the morning.  But I like to eat it post workout.  Without enough time to stop home in between the gym and work I was stuck grabbing something from Starbucks or eating oatmeal when I got to work.  Starbucks was okay, but expensive 5 days a week!  And oatmeal is just not enough after a workout.  So I finally figured out a solution and I want to share it!

I now cook two egg whites the night before and refrigerate them overnight in a ziplock bag.  I also take a sandwich thin and spread one half with either raspberry or fig preserves, then top with a slice of Swiss cheese and wrap in foil.  I also refrigerate that overnight.  I throw both in my lunch bag before the gym in the morning and they manage to stay cold enough until I get to work a few hours later.  Once I get to work I open the foil, pull the sandwich apart and place the egg on top of the cheese side.  I then throw the whole thing in the toaster over, open-faced, on top of the foil.  5 minutes later I have an AMAZING breakfast sandwich at work.  It tastes just as good as if I had just made it at home.

This could be done with almost any kind of egg sandwich.  Let me know if you have any creative ideas because I’m always looking to switch it up!  Just be prepared that if you use this method your coworkers are going to be extremely JEALOUS!