Good morning!

I hope everyone is as psyched as I am that it’s Wednesday!  Half way through the week.  It’s all downhill from here!

I woke up this morning and headed to the gym for a Stage5 Cycling class. This was the most intense spin class I have taken in a while!  Stage5 uses a progressive method which has cyclists slowly build intensity throughout the class, starting at an easy level and ending at a level of maximum exertion.  There was very little rest and even when I did rest, my heart rate was so high that it barely dropped!  By the end of the class I had reached the point of full exertion and breathlessness. Amazing! This is the first spin class that has challenged me to the point where I was able to hit a max heart rate of 172; normally I can barely break 160.  I highly recommend instructor Tom Scotto and his classes (which are all over the Boston area).  I will definitely be adding this class to my weekly lineup!  Be sure to check out for more information!