Good morning!

Today I’m off to Florida for the weekend, but before I hit the road I made time for the gym.  It was a struggle to get there this morning since I had the day off and technically could have slept in for another hour or two, but I did it.  My driving force was that I wanted to make sure I would still be able to reach my weekly goal of burning 3500 calories.  I live and breathe by my Polar heart rate monitor.  Every week when I plan my workouts I also make a mental note of the amount of calories I want to burn for that particular week.

Setting short term goals like this is such an important part of successfully reaching long term goals.  We’re all human and we like things to happen quick!  This is what makes working towards a long term goal so difficult.  We tend to get bored, give up or lose our focus.  Achieving milestones along the way as a result of setting short term goals keeps us focused and positive.

My long term goal is simply to be as active as possible and drop 5-10 pounds.  But I need more than just that to get myself out of bed in the morning.  My trainer recommended that I start setting calorie burn goals.  Ever since I took her advice and started using a heart rate monitor to track my calories I have been so much more focused and driven to get to the gym.  I like having a weekly challenge and LOVE the feeling I get when I look at my watch on Sunday and see that I’ve either hit or surpassed my goal.

Do you set short term goals to aid in achieving your long term goals?  What methods do you use?