Hi! I forgot to post yesterday’s strength training workout, so here it is!


Green (Medium) Exercise Resistance Band
2 7.5 pound dumbbells
Flat Bench
Seated Cable Row Machine set to 15lb w/ Straight Bar Attachment
Smith Machine – Bar set to sternum level
4kg Medicine Ball


10m Self Myofascial Release aka Foam Rolling


20 steps Mini Band (around ankle) Straight Leg Lateral Walk
20 steps Mini Band (around ankle) Bent Knee Lateral Walk

4x (circuit style;no rest between exercises!):

Cross Leg Step up onto bench w/ opposite leg bent knee lift and single arm shoulder press up w/ dumbbell; 15 each side
Seated Rows; 15 reps

4x (circuit style;no rest between exercises!):

Lunge Jumps; 30
Push-ups on Smith Machine Bar; 15


Side Plank w/ Dumbbell Reach; 60 seconds each side
Seated Medicine Ball Rotations;  30 reps

5m Static Stretching

This was a good one, I am sore today which 
equals success in my book!  All credit goes to my trainer!