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Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.  I had to take a couple of day hiatus from blogging because I was studying like a mad woman for my Personal Training certification.  Well, I took the test yesterday and passed!  I am now an official NASM Certified Personal Trainer!!!  I have been working toward this since October and it has been tough!  I went to school for Information Systems, so Anatomy and Physiology was all new to me.  The test was not easy!  The concepts are not too difficult to grasp, however the test asks extremely specific questions.  Needless to say I was thrilled when I learned that I passed!!

After the test I ran the 3 mile trip home and then headed out to meet my family for Christmas shopping.  We went to Sonsie for brunch first.  They may make the best Bloody Mary that I have ever had…and not because of the actual drink.  It is because of what they put on top!  A blue cheese stuffed pepperoncini!!!  Holy amazingness.  I drank two to wash down every bite of my mushroom and brie pizza which was equally amazing.

After brunch we hit Lord and Taylor for their Friends and Family 25% off sale.  I found a great Calvin Klein sweater dress (which my mom so kindly purchased and will wrap and place under the Christmas tree for me).  We also spent some time in Lululemon and Free People (where my sister got the cutest coat and dress!).  The mall was crazytown but we managed to keep in good spirits…

All in all a killer day!  I plan on Christmas shopping a bit more today…pray for me!  I’ll be back later today with last week’s fitness round up and next week’s line up.  Have a great Sunday!!!