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Now that it’s finally begun to get cold in Boston – and by cold I mean unbearably freezing – I am in the mood for Chili!  One of my favorite chili recipes is Rachael Ray’s Veg-Head Three-Bean Chili.  It is delicious and only takes 30 minutes!  I like to add mushrooms, spice, and omit some of the salt, but other than that I follow the recipe pretty spot on.  I think mushrooms make up for the lack of meat, so I usually add around a half a package, or about 5 oz sliced baby bella mushrooms.  Also I double the amount of hot sauce the recipe calls for, I love my chili really spicy.  I’m always watching my sodium intake so I use low sodium chicken broth and omit the teaspoon of salt that the recipe calls for.  There is more than enough salt in the refried beans, so if you want to play with the spice wait until after you add those. I ignore Rachael’s topping section and instead mix in 1 ounce extra sharp cheddar cheese before serving.  The recipe ends up making around 12 cups of chili!  For just about a 2 cup serving (not counting the cheese) there are approximately 314 calories and 6.5 grams of fat.  Love it!!!  Click here for the recipe!