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Hi Guys!  Today I’m dragging a serious anchor…I need sleep desperately!  I have 7.5 hours left of work until I can crash, pray for me!  In the meantime I wanted to share this morning’s strength training work out.  Again, all credit goes to my trainer!  I’m glad I was able to power through it even though I was exhausted.  My elliptical workout after it was another story.  If I could have fallen asleep on it without falling off I would have done it!



Medium Strength (Green) Exercise Band
10kg ViPR
Pair of 7.5 lb dumbbells
12kg Kettlebell
Weight Assisted Pull Up Machine

10m Self Myofascial Release aka Foam Rolling

5m Hip Bridges and Clams w/ Exercise Band around knees

4x (circuit style;no rest between exercises!):

Pull ups with weight assist; 12
Single Leg Dead-lifts w/ ViPR; 15 each side
Lateral ViPR Flips; 60 seconds

4x (circuit style;no rest between exercises!):

Kettlebell Swings; 30
Walking Lunge w/ ViPR; 20 steps
Wall Squat Dumbbell Bicep Curls; 12

5m Static Stretching