This weeks fitness plan round up:

Monday:         60m CrossCycle   DONE
Tuesday:        60m Strength/30m Elliptical   DONE
Wednesday:   60m Spinning   DONE
Thursday:      60m Spinning/Core   DONE
Friday:           60m Strength/30m Stair Climber   DONE
Saturday:      45m Run or Paddle Board   MODIFIED: 45m Power Walk DONE
Sunday:        45m Run or Paddle Board   MODIFIED: 30m Body Weight Circuit DONE

This week I fell about 100 calories short of my 3500 calorie goal.  Bummer!  To make up for it I am going to set a goal of 4000 calories for this week.  I should probably set it for more like 5000 calories based on all of the drinking and eating I’ll be doing!  Regardless, a new week is a new chance to reach a new goal.  It’s always a challenge and I’m always game!  Happy Monday!