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Happy Tuesday!  Tuesday’s are Strength Training days, my fav!  Here’s today’s workout:


Green (Medium) Exercise Resistance Band
1 7.5 pound dumbbell
2 10 pound dumbbells
Flat Bench
Cable Leg Extension Machine set to 10lb w/ Ankle Loop Attachment


10m Self Myofascial Release aka Foam Rolling


20 steps Mini Band (around ankle) Straight Leg Lateral Walk
20 steps Mini Band (around ankle) Bent Knee Lateral Walk

4x (circuit style;no rest between exercises!):

Single Leg Squat onto bench; 15 reps each leg
Cable Leg Extension; 15 reps each leg
Cable Leg Lateral Walk; 32 steps each leg

4x (circuit style;no rest between exercises!):

Step Up to Balance on Bench w/ Single Arm Dumbbell Press (7.5lb); 15 reps each side
Straight Arm Plank Walk; 10 steps left, 10 steps right
Squat Jumps w/ 90 Degree Turn; 15 each way


Side Lunge Lateral Jumps; 30 reps
Dumbbell (10lbs each arm) Chest Fly on Bench;  15 reps

5m Static Stretching

The 3rd circuit was definitely the most challenging.  I love strength training that spikes my heart rate like that…burn calories burn!  As always all credit goes to my trainer!