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This weeks fitness plan round up:

Monday:         60m Run/Power Walk   DONE
Tuesday:        60m Strength/30m Elliptical   DONE
Wednesday:   60m Spinning   DONE
Thursday:      60m Spinning/Core   DONE
Friday:           60m Strength/30m Stair Climber   DONE
Saturday:      60m Spinning/Core   MODIFIED:  60m Stair Climber DONE
Sunday:        60m Christmas Day Hike with my family :)   DONE

Calorie Burn Goal: 4000 DONE!

Overall I had a great week and I’m psyched that I was able to hit my 4000 calorie burn goal!!!  My mom let me know that she was confused as to what this meant.  So I will explain 🙂  I wear a heart rate monitor every time I work out which tracks the number of calories I burn.  I set a goal for each week for the number of calories I want to burn in total.  3500 calories = 1 pound.  So I always stick to a goal of at least 3500.  This means that on average I need to burn 500 calories per day if I work out every day.  Of course I have my up days and my down days so I’m not always hitting exactly that average.  I usually work out a lot harder during the week and burn around 600-700 calories each day and then go really light on the weekend to give my body a bit of a rest.  For me, wearing a heart rate monitor has changed the way I work out.  I no longer set a goal for how many times a week I want to work out.  This never worked for me because “working out” can mean many things.  If I’m working out 5 days a week, but barely challenging my body then I will not get the results I want.  Monitoring heart rate and calorie burn forces me to challenge myself with higher intensity work outs.  I know that the harder I work the faster the calories will burn off and the sooner I will be done!  This method has really worked for me.  I encourage anyone who is looking for a way to change up their fitness goals to start using a heart rate monitor…you’ll be shocked at what you see!