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Hi Everyone!  Before we begin to think about our goals for the new year I think that it’s really important to first reflect on our 2011 accomplishments.  In the past I’ve had a hard time following through on my goals.  I would start something, get close to finishing it, and then for what ever reason I would give up.  This year was all about the follow through!  Below is a list of my accomplishments this year: 

  • I worked out an average of 5x a week ALL year long
  • I completed the NYC Marathon
  • I became certified through NASM as a Personal Trainer
  • I lost 15 pounds
  • I made new friends through my running group
  • I learned to not sweat the small stuff as much (yes I know this is still a work in progress)
  • I found a way to include (full fat) cheese in every meal and still lose weight!
  • I took up cooking and baking and discovered that I love to do both
  • I served as a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding
  • I started this blog 🙂

What 2011 accomplishment are you the most proud of and why?