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Happy New Year’s Eve!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday weekend.  I arrived in Florida on Thursday night and the warm air was quick to sweep me off my feet 🙂  After a fun night out in downtown St. Pete, I woke up the next morning and was able to exercise COMFORTABLY outdoors.  As a Bostonian this opportunity does not come around to often December through April!

I was warm enough to run in a tank top!

But my poor Floridian boyfriend still had to wear a jacket as he was a bit “chilly” as he rollerbladed alongside me 🙂


The scenery was awesome and it kept me distracted as I powered through 4 miles of the shoreline.  I am half ashamed and half proud to report that is the furthest distance I’ve run since the NYC Marathon in November.  After weeks of knee pain I finally feel like I’ve found my stride again 🙂

Enjoy your last day of 2011, and try to get a workout in!  End the year on the right foot.  Get those endorphins flowing, they’ll guarantee a happy and fun New Years Eve! Cheers!