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Hi!  Is everyone else struggling as much as I am to get back into the swing of reality today?  I kicked off my day with a strength training workout with my trainer. The gym was not as crazy as I thought it would be, in fact the locker room was eerily empty…which was a good thing because once again I left my key in my lock.  Apparently my 5am cup of coffee is not doing the trick!  I’m thinking it was the freezing cold temps that kept Bostonians out of the gym this morning…maybe the afternoon will be the busy time.

Today was a very significant day for me.  I hit my personal record of 50 days of consecutive workouts.  In 2010 I challenged myself to 50 workouts within 90 days to avoid falling off the fitness wagon during the holidays.  This year I stepped it up a notch and decided to see if I could work out for 50 days in a row throughout the holidays.  Mission accomplished.  And thank God, because if I hadn’t I can guarantee you that I would have put on like 10 pounds!  The proof is in the pudding (or cheese in my case), it’s all about BALANCE!

Here’s today’s strength training work out:


4kg ViPR
12kg ViPR
Pair of 10lb dumbbells
12kg Kettlebell
Weight Assisted Pull Up Machine

10m Self Myofascial Release aka Foam Rolling

4x (circuit style;no rest between exercises!):

Lateral 12kg ViPR Flips; 60 seconds
Single Leg Dead-lifts w/ 12kg ViPR; 15 each side
Pull ups with weight assist; 12

4x (circuit style;no rest between exercises!):

Kettlebell Swings; 30
Walking Lunge w/ 4kg ViPR held overhead; 20 steps
Wall Squat Dumbbell Bicep Curls; 12

5m Static Stretching

***Credit to my trainer for strength workout!***