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This week we received our new 2012 calendars at work.  I’m pretty Type A so I like to use it to check off each day I work out.  I also record my workouts on LiveStrong.com and Equinox.com, yes I know I’m crazy! When taking down my 2011 calendar I felt like I couldn’t just throw all of that history away, so I decided to take a picture of it before trashing it.  I posted it here so that I can look back to it whenever I want:

I spent some time this morning looking over it and thinking back to the ups and downs of my fitness journey.  I had some really good runs and then some not so good runs where I may have only checked off a day or two a week.  I also took an assessment of how I did for the year in full.  Instead of counting how many days I worked out, I counted how many days I didn’t…exactly 99!  That means I worked out a total of 266 days in 2011.  November 6th is circled with an X because that is the day I ran the ING NYC Marathon…that day deserved more than the standard check!  Now the challenge is on to workout more than 266 days is 2012…and maybe come up with another day or two that are worth being circled and X’d. 🙂

Do you record your workouts?  If so, where do you record them and do you ever spend time looking back to see your progress?