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This week kicked off with a SNAP…of my CHAIR…at WORK! Yes, I broke my chair.  I broke it by sitting in it, okay more like jumping into it, but still!  That has to be one of the all time, top 5, most embarrassing things you can do at work!  So as you can imagine, the jokes (although kindhearted) are endless!

Anyway, I was able to recover and have somewhat of a fun week at work.  My boss is leaving our company, so we went out to lunch two days in a row.  We ate a lot.  We also drank a lot of wine.  We also had cake.  Twice.  Please take note that this binge eating took place AFTER the chair breaking incident! 🙂


Lately I have been so good about my eating habits, so eating out two days in a row was kind of brutal.  Not the actual eating part, which was awesome!  But how I felt about an hour later.  Regret and nausea.  I have a really hard time going out to eat and ordering healthy options.  I figure I rarely eat out so I should make it good!  This is fine when it’s once a month or every other week, but not twice in a week!  This is why I always bring my own breakfast and lunch to work and make a point to eat my dinners at home.  I know myself and I know what I need to do to control myself and feel good.  Soooo, with that being said I am heading to Trader Joe’s after work to grocery shop and get myself back on track!

Has anyone else ridiculously embarrassed themselves at work lately?  Please tell me your story! I need moral support here!

Foggy Morning in the Back Bay, Boston