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Hi Everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend (if you had one).  Is it cold enough for you New Englander’s?  Boston is pure torture right now.  I spent my weekend watching football (YAY GIANTS!), working out and eating!  There’s really not too much more you can do when the temperature drops this low!  I always have thought that it’s easier to get workouts done in the winter because usually there’s not too much else going on.  And on the bright side, that way you’ll already be in great shape by the time spring shows up.

Here’s this weeks fitness plan*:

Monday:         40m Elliptical
Tuesday:        60m Strength/40m Treadmill
Wednesday:   60m Spinning/20m treadmill
Thursday:      60m Spinning/Core
Friday:           60m Stair Climber
Saturday:      60m Spinning/30m Strength
Sunday:        60m Spinning/30m Strength

Calorie Burn Goal: 3500

*All workouts include self-myofascial release pre workout and static stretching post workout

Stay warm!