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Happy Tuesday!  This week I included some YouTube videos for guidance in understanding my strength training workout.  With so many different names for exercises I thought it would be helpful to give a few visual descriptions by way of video.  Eventually I hope to create my own videos to post, but for now I have used a random assortment made by other trainers.


Green (Medium) Exercise Resistance Mini Band
14kg  Kettlebell
10” Plyo Box
Kinesis set to 6


10m Self Myofascial Release aka Foam Rolling


Kneeling Side Leg Raise; 10 each side
Single Leg Bridge;10 each side


20 steps Mini Band (around ankle) Straight Leg Lateral Monster Walk
20 steps Mini Band (around ankle) Bent Knee Lateral Monster Walk

4x (superset):

Single Leg Box Squat; 15 reps each side
Standing Row on Kinesis (cable row); 20

4x (superset):

Alternating Jump Lunge; 30 reps
Push-up Position Alternating Knee Ups;  20 reps

4x (superset):

Squats w/ Kettlebell;12 reps
Kinesis Straight Arm Pull-downs (cable pull down);15 reps

5m Static Stretching

***As always all credit for this work out goes to my trainer!***


Last week I reported Boston’s first snowfall of 2012, here we have the second!  It’s about time!