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Hi everyone!  I did it again, I took another day off…and I was able to kill it on the treadmill this morning because of it!  Yesterday I needed a day to catch up on sleep so I missed my beloved Detox Cycle class.  I’m a little bummed because it’s my favorite class of the week, but the extra sleep was definitely worth it.

This weeks fitness plan round-up:

Monday:         40m Elliptical   DONE
Tuesday:        60m Strength/40m Treadmill   DONE
Wednesday:   60m Spinning/20m Treadmill   MODIFIED: 60m Spinning/Core
Thursday:      60m Spinning/Core   MODIFIED: 60m Spinning/20m Treadmill
Friday:           60m Stair Climber   MODIFIED: 60m Elliptical/Core
Saturday:      60m Spinning/30m Strength   DONE
Sunday:        60m Spinning/30m Strength  MODIFIED: DAY OFF!

Calorie Burn Goal: 3500   DONE (4108)

Not bad!  Alright, today I will leave you with some comic relief…these are my photos of “How girls fix things” by yours truly 🙂

Sometimes you can’t get a picture to stay hanging, no matter how many times you try to hammer the nail into the “right” spot on the wall.  What is a girl to do when left with all of those ugly holes in the wall?!

Problem solved!

Happy Monday!