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This week my main goal is to run at least 3 days.  This morning I was a treadmill maniac, so I already have one day down.  I’ve had a really hard time running post NYC marathon.  After months of long training runs I was burnt out.  Since then I have replaced running with spinning.  I love spinning, so I will not be giving that up, more likely I’ll follow up my spin classes with 30 minutes of running.  Has anyone else had this issue after training for a marathon?

Here’s this weeks fitness plan*:

Monday:         60m Treadmill
Tuesday:        60m Strength/40m Treadmill
Wednesday:   60m Spinning/20m Treadmill
Thursday:      60m Spinning/Core
Friday:           60m Elliptical
Saturday:      60m Spinning/30m Strength
Sunday:        60m Spinning/30m Strength

Calorie Burn Goal: 3500

*All workouts include self-myofascial release pre workout and static stretching post workout

Tonight I will leave you with this EPIC photo of my parents who just returned from vacation.  I like to refer to them as “Frank and Marie” (Everybody Loves Raymond).  Mexico was very good to them…Olé!