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Today was a strength training day with my trainer, so as always I will share my workout with you 🙂  This was a challenging one…I was about to throw up by the last set!  Again, I included YouTube videos for further clarification of the exercise listed.  If you only have time to watch one you absolutely have to check out the Kettlebell Swing video…you will die haha!


12kg Kettlebell
10kg ViPR
7.5lb Dumbbells
8 inch Step


10m Self Myofascial Release aka Foam Rolling


Kneeling Side Leg Raise; 10 each side
Single Leg Bridge;10 each side

4x (circuit style, no rest):

Single Leg Reverse Dumbbell Flys; 12 each leg


Single Leg Step Down (alternating with curtsy step down, not shown); 15 each leg


60 seconds 10kg ViPR Shuffle Flips


60 seconds 10kg ViPR Overhead to Thread the Needle Squat


3x (superset, no rest):

Kettlebell Swings; 30


Plank Knee to Opposite Elbow Twist; 30 reps


5m Static Stretching

***As always all credit for this work out goes to my trainer!***


Last day of January: Back Bay, Boston