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Strength training day!  I loved the workout my trainer created for me this morning.    It was one long set which I repeated 4 times.  It takes about 8-10 minutes to get through each run, and if you try to go faster than that you will start to see spots, feel your ears block and almost go down for the count.  Don’t do what I did!


10lb Dumbbells
12.5lb Dumbbells
20lb Dumbbells
25lb Dumbbells
18 inch Plyo Box


10m Self Myofascial Release aka Foam Rolling


Kneeling Side Leg Raise; 10 each side
Single Leg Bridge;10 each side

4x (circuit style, no rest):

Reverse Lunge w/ Single Arm OH Press; 12 each side (12.5lb dumbbell)

Deadlifts; 12 (2 25lb dumbbells)

Transverse Step Up to Balance; 12 each side (12.5lb dumbbell held to chest)

Single Arm Tri Kick Backs: 12 each side (20lb dumbbell)

Bench Push-ups; 12

Skull Crushers; 12 (2 10lb dumbbells)

Seated Bicep Curls; 12 (2 10lb dumbbells)

5m Static Stretching

***As always all credit for this work out goes to my trainer!***