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Nooooo the weekend is over!  It goes SO quick sometimes.  I had a pretty good week work out wise, however my appetite is out of control lately!  I’m trying to include more fruits and veggies throughout the day because the way I’m going all of the workouts in the world won’t stop me from gaining weight!

This weeks fitness plan round-up:

Monday:         60m Stair Climber/Core  DONE
Tuesday:        60m Strength/40m Treadmill   MODIFIED: 60m Strength/40m Elliptical
Wednesday:   60m Spinning/20m Treadmill   DONE
Thursday:      60m Spinning/Core   DONE
Friday:           45m Strength/30m Stair Climber  MODIFIED: DAY OFF
Saturday:      60m Spinning/30m Run/Core   DONE
Sunday:        60m Spinning/30m Strength   DONE

Calorie Burn Goal: 4000   DONE (4636)

Made this tonight! Parmesan Roasted Fennel. SO GOOD. SO HEALTHY. MAKE THIS!