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Happy Monday!  This week I really need to make sure I get my strength and core work in.  It’s been a real struggle lately.  It’s so easy to go to spin class or hop on a treadmill/stair climber etc.  I think this is because I don’t have to think too much 🙂  Unfortunately I know that when my body is at its best it’s when I’m focusing on strength and core.  So I’m making a serious effort this week.

Here’s this weeks fitness plan*:

Monday:         30m Stair Climber/40m Elliptical
Tuesday:        60m Strength/30m Elliptical/Core
Wednesday:   60m Spinning/20m Treadmill
Thursday:      60m Spinning/20m Treadmill/Core
Friday:           45m Strength/30m Stair Climber
Saturday:      60m Spinning/30m Run/Core
Sunday:        30m Strength/60m Spinning

Calorie Burn Goal: 4000

*All workouts include self-myofascial release pre workout and static stretching post workout