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These days I have been traveling like cray for work, so I thought I’d drop in and share some of my go to tips.

Lake Michigan from 32000 ftReward Program Favs:

Airline: Delta SkyMiles
As soon as you turn Silver you have access to preferred seats for free and are likely to be upgraded to Comfort+ or First on less busy flights – both offer free drinks. Turn Gold and be first in line for those perks while always boarding with the SKY zone. Traveling for fun? Your companions will be upgraded along with you as long as they are booked under your reservation. Free flights? Miles add up pretty quickly and the higher your status the more you earn per mile – think bonus miles!

Hotel Chain: Marriott Rewards
Aside from Marriott hotels being pretty dependable for what you’re going to get in the hotel – Starbucks/restaurants etc., they also have awesome loyalty perks. Once you hit Silver they offer all sorts of promotional point/status challenges. Stay a certain number of nights by this date and jump to Gold or crazy bonus points on stays between certain dates. This year I was able to hit Gold by March without traveling a ton. It takes a while to earn enough points for a free stay, but always worth it when you get there.

Rental Car: UBER. Unless I’m traveling over an hour from the airport I no longer rent cars. Uber is in pretty much every airport city in the US at this point and can minimize stress of getting you your location by a landslide. No need to worry about directions and it’s easy to work/take a call without worrying about keeping your eyes on the road. Where’s the reward program? American Express now gives you 2x the points per dollar when you use their card to pay for Uber. I’ll get into cards in another post, but this is definitely a winner.

So there you have it…I’ll post more tips as I think of them, but here’s a start.